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There is no disputing, you’ve worked hard in one way or another to get ahead and have security.

You’ve stayed on the right side of the law, contributed, raised a family, received a good education and saved your hard-earned dollars to ensure security for yourself and your loved ones.

Over the last year however, you may be feeling something is not quite right. With such lack of certain from one day to the next it can leave you asking “What’s Next?”

Simple daily activities like working, running a business, holidays, schooling, going to the shops without concern (and even knowing you can plan that significant Birthday Celebration) suddenly feels like playing Russian Roulette thanks to an “Impending Lockdown” being enforced at any time. Right or wrong, life has paused.

Now while you refuse to be a victim of circumstance and have managed to stay positive, you simply want to continue with life as you knew it. However, the magnitude of the fear is real right now. You cannot turn on your TV, go onto social media or even go into town without seeing a sign to remind you of impending uncertainty and be reminded of our mortality.

With so many opinions, choices ahead and people seeming to be turning against each other, it is just hard on the heart. As much as you try to function, to pivot and adjust to seemingly simple requests, in the back of your mind you know SOMETHING IS JUST NOT RIGHT.

So what is next for you and how do you prepare for the unknown?

You are not alone!

About PSA

Speaker & Strategic Advisor

Hello, my name is Paul. I am a Strategic Advisor and passionate about assisting people to be in the best position for what comes next. This is regardless of the unforeseen circumstances that all of us are presented with daily.

Right now, have you considered?

  • Getting manageability of your Debts
  • What to do with things like Precious Metals
  • If Cryptocurrency are a viable option for you
  • How to protect your Assets
  • Can you make a Declining Economy work for you?
  • What else do I need to be mindful of?

Every day I witness many people who are experiencing uncertainty that is leading to anxiety and fear unlike that which we have faced previously.

The fact is, when you are in that state of mind, you may not know who to trust because there’s only so much other industries can advise you on. No matter how great other industries you turn to are, they are only allowed to play within what is taught (not to mention the legalities and red tape).

The option to seek advice from multiple sources to get a quick education on everything you need to know can feel overwhelming; not to mention considering contradictory perspectives is confusing.

What would being prepared mean for you & your family?

This is an invitation to see what you can do to prepare yourself for uncertainty. And the best part – it’s completely complementary!

If you are ready to be proactive in your future and can see how gaining clarity on what to do next will support you in feeling confident and fear-free moving forwards, please do book a Consultation now.

In just one consultation.


We are committed to helping you gain grounded confidence quickly. When you can prepare with clarity and protect your current position, you are in the best placed to take advantage of opportunities that are present. From this space you show the way to a positive future for you and your family. Within this consultation, we will go over your current situation and speak on how to be prepared with an offer to go deeper into developing a strategy that best suits your needs.

You do not need to sit in uncertainty a moment longer.

Book a complimentary and confidential online meeting to discuss your strategy today.

About Paul Seils

After extensive experience as a Project Manager, Paul partnered in a Joint Venture with a James Packer company in Dubai. Paul had the responsibility of building this business from start up to over 65 staff. This experience taught him a lot about making the correct investments and how to manage others. Hard work, taking Risks & making choices (some that became expensive lessons) taught Paul all the ins and outs required to thrive in a changing climate. He learned from his mistakes and now can show you what to do and what not to do from and educated and humble perspective.

Back in Australia, Paul also has knowledge & experience with Property Development & Real Estate. Being gifted at spotting market trends and understand how to navigate this industry ensures you gain security of your assets.

Paul created PSA (Paul Seils & Associates) in 2013 to consult in ensuring his clients and all he reaches

When we met Deidre, she was concerned about what was happening in the world and how it would affect her and her family in years to come. She was anxious, nervous and unsure who to trust as the messages she was receiving were disjointed and she felt completely overwhelmed.

We invited Deidre to a complimentary 30 minute call, and she accepted.

We looked at her situation and unpacked her pressing concerns around risk and opportunities in Banking, Superannuation, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrency, Future-Proofing and also Risk and Security.

Together we created a strategic plan for the next 90 days to move forward. Deidre now feels empowered to take some practical steps forward.

Not ready to book a call just yet? Send me a message through this form for any questions / concerns.